MediEvil: Resurrection

Inside the Asylum - here be fire-breathing monsters, headless ghouls and... oh actually no, that's somewhere else. This is the one with the mad people in.

Inside the Asylum is a level in MediEvil: Resurrection.

Dan's Private Journal entry


Ventured into the Asylum in search of the Mayor. Mad people really can be quite awkward to be around. Had to battle a barmy army of deranged flakes and berserk wackos - as I believe they're technically known in head doctor circles.

At last I found the Mayor. He gave me a key to the Enchanted Forest. Said I need to speak to a certain Witch who hangs out in the undergrowth, selling pegs and lucky dirt, or something. She can reveal the location of the Shadow Demon Prison, home to a piece of the Anubis stone. But first, to open the prison I'll need to retrieve the Shadow Demon Claw from his village house safe. Crumbs, whatever happened to a simple bellow of "Open sesame"?


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