• Dan's advisors from the Spirit world manifested in helpful stone Gargoyles. The Gargoyles are a little insane and their advice is at best cryptic.
  • The Gargoyles enjoy mocking Dan, blaming Dan and the King for getting the land in the mess they all now find themselves in.

Casting Tips : [REDACTED]? Echoed voice.


These gnarled old Spirits have manifested themselves as Stone Gargoyles and have rooted themselves about the land of Gallowmere. These benign old Spirits have become spectators of the madness and destruction that Zarok has unleashed upon the land of the living.


  • Initially a desire to mock our Hero Sir Dan Fortesque. The Gargoyles know all and have teased and taunted Dan during his after life - knowing full well that the History books of Gallowmere were a sham and that Sir Fortesque was never the hero he was portrayed to be.
  • Ages of observing the darkest of deeds have sent these watchers of humanity more than a little mad. They talk in an other worldly tongue and their 'tense' is all jumbled, the future can be the past and the present the future - time is merely a bowl of ever lasting spaghetti to our crumbling guides.
  • The Gargoyles mutter to themselves and talk out loud about Dans[sic] exploits as if he wasn't there, much to the annoyance of Dan. They are almost senile sounding.
  • Dan can learn many things from the Gargoyles rants and raves and their mad talk should be listened to and advice should be heeded.
  • The Gargoyles refer to Dan as an 'it,' the lowest of the low, without a name. As Dan begins to prove that perhaps he is a true Hero after all the Gargoyles begin to warm towards our Hero and even begin using his name.
  • Gargoyles are the Guides to the land of Gallowmere and provide the narrative flow of the plot to the Player.
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