Watch out for sticky-fingered imps. These thieves will strip you down to your armored undies.

Book, MediEvil

Imps are troublesome goblin-like creatures that appear in all MediEvil games up to date.

Book of Gallowmere entry

Back in King Peregrin's day, Imps were often kept as household servants. Sadly, those were cruel times, and many Imps were treated very poorly by their masters.

Really, it was no surprise when these cunning little creatures formed a secret alliance with Zarok.

On the morning of the Battle of Gallowmere, every last one of King Peregrin's men awoke to find his House Imp gone, and along with them, every last undergarment in the kingdom. Never before had an army's charge been so devastatingly broken before battle had even begun!



These little guys use their torches as weapons. While they can be cut down with your Sword, super-charging it will just swing it harmlessly right over them. The Wooden Club is much more useful, but is better used as a means of clearing the glass shards along the floor. Beware of the Imp that runs around without a torch, he will use his free hands to snag your weapon right out from under you. If this happens, switch to another weapon fast and chase him down. Once he's done in, you'll be able to get the stolen item back.[1]

MediEvil 2

These obnoxious, pig-like creatures make a return appearance from the original game and are just as annoying. Either carrying buckets of slop (to feed the Pit Monsters with) or carrying paint brushes (in an effort to construct their evil devices for Palethorn), these suckers will incessantly swipe at your legs. Your Hammer is the most effective weapon here.[2]

MediEvil: Resurrection

Imp thieves

These skittish pesky plunderers will steal away an adventurers weapon of choice before he can exclaim 'where's my blooming weapon gone?'. The best strategy with these pests is to simply destroy them before they get close enough to swipe. How to snuff em out? Well speed and accuracy counts above all in this case, so any weapon will do as long as it's used double quick![3]

Imp flamers

These speedy big nosed blighters will be upon an unwary venturer before he knows it, smashing at him mercilessly with fiery clubs! Yes perhaps they are not the most congenial of fellows, but they are quite good fun to shoot at or slice, so perhaps one should forgive them their foibles, and just get on with duffing them up.[3]

Related trophies

Med2019Trophy ZipZapImpSplat.png Trophy bronze.png Zip Zap Imp Splat
Fry a dozen Imps with Lightning.
Gimme That Back! Trophy bronze.png Gimme That Back!
Lose, then recover your weapon from an Imp.


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  • In real-life mythology, an imp is a mythological being similar to a fairy or demon, frequently described in folklore and superstition.


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