MediEvil: Resurrection

The Hilltop Mausoleum - Think of it as a kind of pet shop, but with less fragrant purchasing choices.

Hilltop Mausoleum is the fourth level of MediEvil: Resurrection. It is also the first level with a boss fight.

Dan's Private Journal entry


Finally I get up close and personal to Zarok. He really is as mad as a march hare - who also makes hats for a living. Anyway he's got a whole army amassed, ready to move on Gallowmere, plus he's trying to release those loutish Shadow Demons. Oh Gallowmere, fair Gallowmere, what will become of you? It's a bit academic at the moment as apparently I'm trapped in here.

So I'm wandering around this dingy hellhole and all I can hear is this creepy music. The same dreary tune, played over and over again. Went up to the chap to put in a request (i.e. shut your noise) and it turns out he's been cursed, poor blighter. Anyway, long story short, I found him a new tune. So I'm happy, he's happy, I daresay everyone in earshot is happy.

Did battle with Stain Glass Demon. He put up quite a fight but after a while he looked pretty shattered - his eyes glazed over and I knew he was in some pane. A couple more whacks and it was curtains.

Got the Stain Glass Demon key - and finally free of this mausoleum!


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