Use the bomb in this chest to take out any lingering Ghouls, then take the Energy Vial sitting on the grassy platform.

MediEvil: The Official Strategy Guide

Headless Zombies are enemies found in Cemetery Hill, Return to the Graveyard, and Inside the Asylum. A more deranged version of the zombies that you usually encounter, they will charge at Dan on sight at a very high speed, they are slightly stronger than other zombies and will take longer to dispatch. The best way to be rid of these creatures is to take them down as fast as possible before they become a nuisance.


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  • In an early incarnation of MediEvil, they were going to appear in The Graveyard level.
  • They appeared in the Pumpkin Gorge level in the MediEvil trailer featured on the PlayStation Plus Video Preview '97 VHS. However, just like the zombies, they never made it into the final game release.
  • They are called "Ghouls" in MediEvil's official guide book.[1]


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