The Graveyard Wolves are a family of wolves living past the Skull Gates of the Graveyard.



By 1386, Gallowmere's wolves had been hunted to the point of extinction by vengeful farmers.[1] The last family of wolves had made their home in Gallowmere's Graveyard, but was slaughtered by Sir Daniel Fortesque after they attacked him for passing through their territory.


The wolves are usually found sleeping, which gives Daniel a great fighting advantage. Once they awaken, they are quite dangerous. They can move rather quickly and their attacks are stronger than that of the zombies.



  • In an early incarnation of MediEvil, the wolves were intended to appear in The Graveyard and The Sleeping Village levels, but were removed from the final game release.
  • In reality, wolves avoid people and rarely attack. However, Zarok's spell may have affected them.


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