Gallowmere Plains - Big, flat, and home to a circus! What are you waiting for?

Gallowmere Plains is the seventh level in MediEvil: Resurrection. Daniel can reach multiple areas from here, as well as compete in mini games.

Dan's Private Journal entry


There's loads to do here: a carnival, and a farm, and a really great shop. But I must not tarry as the fate of all Gallowmere rests upon my broad yet bony shoulders. From the plains I can get to the Sleeping Village or take the road to Scarecrow Fields. Or possibly just stop here and have a few ales. Sadly, I fear 'twould just sloosh through the holes in my ribcage.

There's another way out leading to the Enchanted Forest but the path is locked. Once again fate hawks up a fat loogie into the cocoa of my quest.