A spoiler is a piece of information that, when released too early, might spoil someone's enjoyment of a game, story, comics, and so on. For example, information about who wins the battle and who dies could spoil an epic about a war between good and evil. Anything about plot twists or surprises could be considered a spoiler.

Spoiler policy

On the Gallowmere Historia, spoilers are permitted after a game, comic or other material was officially released. Expect to see spoilers if you haven't played the latest series entry or read the latest comic release.

Spoiler warnings

Because there is a general spoiler warning on the main page, spoiler warnings aren't required on individual articles that contain spoilers about recently released materials. However, the {{SpoilersNotice}} template can be placed at the top of such articles as a courtesy. After about a month from the initial release of the medium in question, the template should be removed.

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