When you get to these Spitting Fish, you can either shoot them down or just pass by when it's safe.

MediEvil: The Official Strategy Guide

The Fish Monsters are aquatic creatures of Mellowmede from MediEvil.

Book of Gallowmere entry

These floundering fiends lure native fisherman near the water, before dragging them screaming into the watery depths.

There's no such thing as an easy meal in Gallowmere. Not for humans at least.


These loogey-hocking Fish are nothing more than a nuisance. They hang around the unstable walkways that connect the remnants of the submerged city together and will literally hop out of the water in hopes of knocking you in. Kill them, if you like, but these suckers are soul-less and won't help you in your quest for the Chalice.[1]


The Fish Monsters jump across bridges spitting water out of their mouths at Dan. They can potentially ram into Dan, which will cause him to fall into the water. Equip either the Axe or any other projectile weapon to defeat them.



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