Go 'ooh' and 'aah' at the sight of baby Dragon Toads splashing about in the crystal clear ponds.

Book, MediEvil

Dragon Toads are amphibians native to the Enchanted Earth in Gallowmere. They are likely descended from ancient dragons.[2] Licking their backs can induce madness in individuals.[2]

They also appear in the Entrance Hall as part of a quest given by the lost soul Sir Sloane.


Dragon Toads are creatures that spit acid at Daniel when approached. However, Daniel is immune to their spit while wearing the Dragon Armour. They can be easily smashed with a hammer or club.

In MediEvil: Resurrection, Dragon Toads yield a soul upon death. Instead of spitting acid, they spit fire balls at Daniel. They also bite Dan if he gets too close.



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