MediEvil: Resurrection

Dragon Island - Islands with Dragons on were once considered quite the fashionable property development.

Dragon Island is a level in MediEvil: Resurrection. This level serves as a replacement for The Crystal Caves level from MediEvil.

Dan's Private Journal entry


Well, my suspicions about the world's most pathetic seagoing vessel proved well founded. I only just made it to the island, I got soaked to the nines and I'm still baling out my codpiece. And yes, I was panicking. There are good reasons why armour is never used as a buoyancy aid.

And so I got to meet the Dragon King. Dragon Breath more like. And hoity-toity to boot. And would he loosen his hot little grip on the family heirloom? Unhand the Dragon Plate Armour nice and easy for the good of Gallowmere? What do YOU think?

In the end, I had to beat the flame-retardant pants off him. Luckily, his resulting poor-loser sulk, and a swish of his powerful tail, meant I managed to avoid a potentially hazardous return trip on the Sunken Rowboat of Atlantis.


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