Like a giant Magpie the Dragon Bird sits upon its hoard of stolen treasures. High above the trees you will find a nest; those Eggs are worth their weight in gold!

– Book, MediEvil

Dragon Birds are creatures and enemies from MediEvil and MediEvil: Resurrection. One can be found in The Enchanted Earth level.

Book of Gallowmere entry

She's not just a set of legs – There's a whole devoted Mother Bird up there! And no one treasures her eggs more than this bird mama.

They may someday hatch into beautiful baby birds. Or maybe just into beautiful bags of gold... or bags of golden babies? Who knows?



This gigantic bird-like dragon protects three eggs in her nest atop a very large tree. If Daniel enters her nest, she will attack him with her sharp claws. She cannot be killed, but Dan can still block her talon attack with his shield.


  • In the PS4 remake, despite being classified as a boss in the Book of Gallowmere, the Dragon Bird is not necessarily an actual boss but merely a regular enemy like in the original game.
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