Gallowmere Historia
Gallowmere Historia

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Dankenstein is the seventh level of MediEvil 2.


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Book 1 - Professor's Hamilton Kift's research notes

Date: 12,3,1885

My experiments have been a partial success.
So far I have managed to re-animate a number of body parts. Unfortunately they tend to mutate into ghastly creatures that are quite beyond my control. I am forced to release them to forever roam searching for food in the bowels of the London underground.

I am afraid to say that at this point my research has reached a dead end.

Date 23,5,1886

Since her arrival Kiya has been helping with my experiments. Her knowledge of Egyptian embalming techniques has led me to believe that great progress can be made. Whilst Fortesque is out saving the world I have been making the final touches to a machine that I am convinced will be able to create a fully formed human specimen.