Dan's Crypt - The best place to go if you're looking for a dead Dan.

Dan's Crypt is the first level in MediEvil: Resurrection.


Me see a beautiful tomb. It befits a HERO. But me can't see no-one HEROIC. Juss a lickle BONY guy wid a missing HEYE. But I tell ya ONE ting. De elements of earth and fire (but not earth, WIND an' fire, dat a different matter) will lead to secret CHAMBERS. Probly wid GREAT prizes in dis DARK place. Seen? Den gittout.

The Voodoo Witch

Dan's Private Journal entry

I'M DEAD...!

The darndest thing happened: one moment I'm at the Battle of Gallowmere giving the order to charge, then BAM! A blinding pain in the old peeper, and sink me if I don't wake up on the least comfortable bed I ever lay on. Turns out I'm dead! Bit of a blow to my plan to forge a career as a great warrior, really.

Met the most irritating fellow. 'Al-Zalam' is his name. Think he might be foreign. He claims to be a powerful genie, but he's shown scant sign of any magical powers to date. Apparently for the last century he's been using my ocular cavity as some sort of flop-house. Anyway it turns out that the Sorcerer Zarok is back, raising the dead and possessing the living, and whatnot. He really is the most awful git.

Looked round the old tomb. I have to say whoever sorted the funeral out really did a first class job! Wish I'd been there for the send-off.

NOTE TO SELF: Update this journal regularly as and when stuff happens.

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