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Creatures is an artificial life computer program released in the United Kingdom and Australia in November 1996 and released in North America in July 1997.

Connection with MediEvil

On Albia, a picture of Zarok can be found under a windmill.


The game takes place on the fictional disc-shaped world of Albia. While the faces of the disc are uninhabitable, the rim of Albia is home to a complicated environment much like Earth's. Here lies an abandoned system of laboratories left over by the Shee, an advanced race that had suddenly left the planet many years earlier in order to find a more stable world. In these laboratories and environments, the player is able to hatch creatures known as Norns from leftover eggs and re-inhabit the world of Albia.

Official Breeds


  • Banana Norn
  • Pixie Norn
  • Horse Norn
  • Classic Grendel


  • Santa Norn '96
  • Santa Norn '97

Life Kit #1

  • Purple Mountain Norn
  • Forest Norn
  • Ron Norn

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