The club is a crude, but effective weapon. Bash with it! Burn with it! But beware, one bash too many and it will break.

Book, MediEvil

The Club is a weapon in MediEvil, its remake and MediEvil: Resurrection.

Description and usage

Dan can use it as a torch and he can also use it to deal damage to enemies. It can smash rocks and weak areas of walls, but, being made of wood, it can wear down quite quickly - its strength is expressed as a percentage and once used up, another must be found. Its primary attack deals the same amount of damage as that of the Hammer.

Related trophies

Master Dan-At-Arms Master Dan-At-Arms
Collect every weapon.
Gimme That Back! Gimme That Back!
Lose, then recover your weapon from an Imp.
Arsonist Arsonist
Set 50 enemies on fire.



  • In MediEvil 2, its burning capabilities were replaced by the torch.
  • Its early design had a bloodstain on it. 
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