Gallowmere Historia
Gallowmere Historia
The object here is the chalice. Every time you dispatch an enemy the chalice fills a little more. Once the Chalice is full it is yours to collect and you will be worthy of visiting the sacred Hall of Heroes to claim a prize!

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A Chalice of Souls is a collectible that appears in all MediEvil games up to date. A chalice can be found in nearly every area of both Gallowmere and London.

Collecting the chalice


Sir Dan must kill a certain amount of enemies and fill the chalice with souls in order to pick it up, with the exception of MediEvil: Resurrection, where the chalice can be picked up at any time. However, it still needs to be filled up in order for Dan to gain access to the Hall of Heroes.

Sometimes, Dan also has to save good souls, as losing good souls drains the Chalic.

Using the chalice



The amount of chalices collected alters the ending of the games, except in MediEvil: Resurrection where there is only one ending.


  • If Dan doesn't collect all the chalices, he returns to his crypt and returns to his eternal rest.
  • If Dan does collect all the chalices, he joins the Hall of Heroes in the afterlife.

MediEvil 2:

  • If Dan doesn't collect all the chalices, he and Kiya return to eternal slumber in her tomb.
  • If Dan does collect all the chalices, he and Kiya travel back through time using the Chrono-chair. They encounter a beastly Palethorn who promptly attacks them.

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King of Cups King of Cups
Collect all the chalice rewards.

Behind the Scenes

In other media

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

Sir Dan uses a chalice during his Level 2 Super.

In other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 聖杯 Holy Grail

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