Cemetery Hill - An excellent name for a blues singer.

Cemetery Hill is the third level in MediEvil: Resurrection.

Dan's Private Journal entry


Arrived at cemetery Hill just in time to get a fleeting view of Zarok, and a short sneering lecture to boot.

Remember now why I hate him so much, and it's not just the bodice and plucked eyebrows.

Found a witches' lair. No witches, but really creepy. The coven contained a natty little spade, and something Al said was a witch's talisman. Apparently, you wave it around in the right place and it's like catnip for witches! Would love to ask him where he gets this stuff from but our conversations tend to be fairly one way.

Went haring up this steep hill after Z, got to the top, legs like jelly but ready to give him what for, and he's already slunk off into some dusty Mausoleum. Typical.


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