InfoGargoylePS4Remake.png The fog of war and the shrouds of time conspired to turn the arrow fodder into the saviour of the day.
This article contains lore spoilers for the MediEvil remake and/or the MediEvil: Fate's Arrow comic.
Captain Fortesque! It's me, Canny Tim. Does the battle go well?

– Canny Tim to Sir Dan, MediEvil

Timberly,[1] more commonly known as Canny Tim, is the first hero Dan meets in the Hall of Heroes and his former second in command. Tim appears in MediEvil, MediEvil: Resurrection, the 2019 remake of MediEvil and MediEvil: Fate's Arrow.



Canny Tim was a marksman of a crossbowman part of the cavalry led by Sir Dan, as well as his second in command. Tim killed Zarok's champion, Lord Kardok, in the Battle of Gallowmere by shooting him in the eye from a thousand yards away, thus earning a place in the Hall of Heroes after death.


After collecting a Chalice of Souls, Daniel can speak to Canny Tim, who tells Dan about killing Lord Kardok (which of course angers Dan, as he was killed by an arrow in the eye as well) and offers him the crossbow as aid after quickly taking back the remark. Once Dan collects another Chalice, Tim gives him a Life Bottle without knowledge of its actual use. In MediEvil: Resurrection, Tim never gives Dan a Life Bottle, instead giving Dan the Hero's Crossbow after collecting 7 chalices.

MediEvil: Fate's Arrow

In 1286, Canny Tim aids the undead Sir Dan in thwarting Zarok's attempt at conquering Gallowmere through the living Dan's incompetence. Tim procures Dirk Steadfast's Magic Sword for Dan to help slay the Jabberwocky attacking King Peregrin's Castle and later helps Dan fight off an attack by Zarok. Tim also reveals that she is female, cross-dressing in order to be allowed into the king's army.



  • Canny Tim is the only hero not mentioned in HEROES FROM HISTORY: A Retrospective, due to not being recognized as a hero outside the Hall of Heroes.
  • In HISTORY OF GALLOWMERE - Volume 4, it is written that Tim died in the first volley of arrows. However, this is actually how Sir Dan died instead.
  • "Canny" has several meanings, but given Tim's English accent, it is likely intended as an affectionate nickname.
  • Being Dan's second in command, Tim does not insult Dan like the other members of the Hall of Heroes.


^[a] Tim's death is only mentioned in HISTORY OF GALLOWMERE - Volume 4, which ascribes Sir Dan's actual death to Tim. It is unknown whether it is only the nature of Tim's death that is a fabrication or if Tim's death itself is also fabricated.


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