Hurry comrades, tear this place apart!

– Boiler Guard, MediEvil

The Boiler Guards are part of Zarok's army, so named because they are essentially living kettle boilers. They are renowned for their dutiful (and somewhat sheep-like) devotion.


Boiler Guards possess unmatched skill with ranged weapons, especially blunderbusses and bows. They have an extra-nasty surprise for close-in attackers, spewing flames from their bellies and lighting the would-be assailant ablaze.

While the use of the Broad Sword in MediEvil suffices to vanquish the enemy, in MediEvil: Resurrection, because the Boiler Guards are capable to deal flame damage at close-quarters, it is advised to enter in retain mode (hold R) and circle around the enemy in order to avoid being hit by incoming shots, whist retaliating with a ranged weapon, such as the Crossbow.



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  • "If we don't find the Shadow Artefact Lord Zarok will have us mucking out the demons for the next millennium!"
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