Gallowmere Historia
Gallowmere Historia
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This article covers content from MediEvil: Resurrection, an apocryphal retelling of MediEvil.

The Anubis Stone is a sacred stone with powerful magical powers.

Description and usage

Death reveals that the stone is Daniel's only shot at defeating Zarok. Zarok used the stone's power a hundred years ago to create the Fazguls. After the Battle of Gallowmere, the stone was divided into four pieces and given to four people for safekeeping. Some of them lost their pieces, however, and some of them passed away. Daniel can find the pieces in the following places during the game:

  1. In the tomb of the Mullock Chief.
  2. In the Pumpkin Gorge, in the Pumpkin Witch's possession.
  3. In the Shadow Demon tomb.
  4. In the Haunted Ruins, in the possession of King Peregrin's ghost.

After Daniel successfully tracks down and assembles the pieces, he uses the stone during his showdown with Zarok to create an army with which he can face the Fazguls. The soldiers the stone summons are Daniel's comrades from the Battle of Gallowmere. Daniel uses the stone to further aid them in battle by healing them with his own life force.

Behind the scenes


The Anubis Stone was originally introduced as an artefact brought into the past by Kiyante in the 2003 MediEvil 3 Fate's Arrow concept pitch. Its role serves as a replacement for the Chalice of Souls found in Zarok's Lair in the original MediEvil.