Hark, we can hear the soldier ants approaching - onward and meet your tiny nemesis.

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Ant Soldiers are enemies from MediEvil found in The Ant Caves. In the PS4 remake, they also appear inside the witches' coven in Cemetery Hill as a part of lost soul Chen the Enchantress's quest.

Book of Gallowmere entry

Fascinating creatures, ants. Did you know they're as old as dinosaurs? That they 'talk' using chemicals? Or that they share a hive mind?

And, contrary to popular belief, they actually have no interest whatsoever in your pants.


The Ants are everywhere in this level and will try and either sting you with their pinchers, or shoot venom from their tails. Smash the little pests to a pulp with your War Hammer – any chance you get![1]



  • The role of the Ant Soldiers, as well as the Ant Workers, was inspired by Xenomorphs, the fictional endoparasitoid extraterrestrial species from the Alien film series.[2]


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