Angelo Bod was a character artist who worked on MediEvil: Resurrection.


MediEvil: Resurrection[1]


MediEvil Boards Q&A

June 16, 2013[2]

1) In MediEvil: Resurrection we can see that Sir Daniel Fortesque was given a visual makeover, different from his original design. What was the reason for changing his design?

AB - The main reason for the visual make-over was we had a new platform to develop the character on, namely a more powerful PSP. As with most characters, they evolve over the years (Mario, Lara Croft) even though we tried to keep it's[sic] integrity form the original version.

2) In one of the concept arts there is a character that looks similar to the mullocks encountered in MediEvil 2;

Also, in the Return to the Graveyard level, the grave that contains the first piece of the Anubis Stone is mentioned to be that of the Mullock King's. With both of these things considered, were there ideas to have the mullock's[sic] make a physical appearance in the game?

AB - That is correct, these new concepts where[sic] drawn by Mark Gibbons, who was the Art Director of the studio at the time. It was not intended for The Mullocks to have a physical appearance in this release of Medievil.

3) In the original PS1 MediEvil, there was going to be a sidekick character called Morten the Earthworm and he was going to reside in Daniel's head, but he was cut from the final game. Was this character an inspiration for Al-Zalam's role in Resurrection?

AB - That is correct, Al Zalam lived in Dan's head and was our new sidekick character (based on the previous character)

4) Mellowmede, a level from the original MediEvil, is mentioned during one of the cutscenes with the Grim Reaper. Was there an idea to make this a level in Resurrection or was it just mentioned for fun? If it was indeed a level idea, than[sic] were there possibly other levels from the original that were also considered for Resurrection?

AB - That I can not answer, as it was a design decision made by Dominic at the time, so I would have to ask him regarding that if you want me to answer that.

5) Someone has found random cutscene files thrown into the middle of the functioning cs files within the game.;=display&thread;=727
Do you know if these were scenes that were deleted from the final version of the game?

AB - As far as I recall no scenes where[sic] deleted from the final version of the game, I suppose due to the time pressure to release as a PSP launch title, this was prepared before the final cutscenes where[sic] made.


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