Al-Zalam (الظلام) is a supporting character in MediEvil: Resurrection. He serves as Dan's sidekick and gives him valuable advice throughout the game. His role as a sidekick is based on Morten the Earthworm from the original MediEvil.[1] It's possible he is also inspired by Winston.



He was a mighty djinn (genie) until a run-in with Zarok left him locked into Daniel's empty skull. He likes to remind people of his halcyon days often. For this reason, he harbours an enormous grudge against Zarok, which he has in common with Dan. Ultimately this shared purpose can turn their uneasy alliance into something of a friendship.

MediEvil: Resurrection

He acts as the game's main tutor, dropping hints about the places that he and Sir Dan visit, or providing Sir Dan with additional strategy tips. At first, these hints are simply anecdotal, funny or just plain strange; but as the game progresses, he proves himself a useful sage and companion.

After Zarok's defeat, Al-Zalam is finally free to leave Dan's skull. Before leaving, he saves Dan from a collapsing Zarok's Lair. He takes Daniel back to his crypt and what happens to him afterwards remains unknown.




  • "Al-Zalam" is Arabic in origin, and translates to 'The Dark' or 'The Darkness'.


  • He and his kind are allergic to cats, at least according to dialogue.
  • He was there when Daniel was killed and saw how cowardly he was in life.
  • He lost his sister at a carnival due to using her in a wager, though this may be a joke made by him.
    • He also had a (supposedly) very ugly first wife.
  • Reception to Al-Zalam's character was mixed from critics and overwhelmingly negative from fans of the series.
  • He was originally created as a character for the 2003 MediEvil 3 Fate's Arrow concept pitch. 
  • He was heard in the teaser trailer for the MediEvil remaster, along with a gargoyle, Death and the witches.
    • While he doesn't appear physically, a stained glass window of him is seen in the Hilltop Mausoleum.  


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